One of the most important landmark of Istanbul. It is a vast labyrinth of streets and alleys with
hundreds of shops selling everything from silk carpets to mother of pearl chessboards,
porcelains, silverware, textiles, spices, and antiques. The main building in the
complex was commissioned in 1461 by the Mahmut Pasha, the Grand Vizier of Mehmet the
Conqueror. It contains 65 streets, has 18 gates, 2 mosques, 21 hans, 6 fountains,
and covers an area of three hectares. It is located in Beyazit square, and can easily be
reached from anywhere in Istanbul. Open everyday other than Sundays.


The oldest and largest covered bazaar in the world is situated in the heart of the city. It resembles a giant labyrinth with approximately sixty lanes and more than three thousand shops. The bazaar consisted originally of two historical buildings that were covered with a series of domes. In later centuries the streets around these buildings developed and were covered and new additions were made, turning it into a trading center. In the past each lane j was reserved for a different profession and the handicrafts produced here were rigorously controlled.
It’s considered suitable for the accompanied wheelchair users due to the fact that the ground is made of rough cobblestones. Entrances and almost every part of the Grand Bazaar are in the ground level, but its uphill location may cause difficulties for the wheelchair users. There are quite a few refreshment and eating areas for the elderly. Visually-impaired people may experience problems due to the crowdedness and narrowness of some lanes.